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                      Phat Ass Geckos

                         is devoted entirely to the
Leopard Gecko ,or     
(Eublepharis Macularius). 

While marketing and sales of our

 Leopard Gecko hatchlings was the primary reason for creating Phat Ass Geckos.com  we will also be using it to promote interest in general

 in the beautiful, and docile Leopard Gecko.

As well as, to lobby for the

Leopard Gecko, to other breeders, hobbyist, and pet owners for

 better overall quality of life through the promotion of


 display cages.

In addition, we will strive to promote better

overall health in captive bred Leopard Geckos, by better educating our

buyers, on care, handling, housing, feeding etc .

          All  that  said , whether  you  are  a  determined  buyer , such  as  a breeder  looking  for  the  perfect  morph  specimen  to  round  out  a  new breeding  project , an  avid  reptile  enthusiast  looking  to  add  to  an  existing  collection , or  just  a  person  looking  for  a  beautiful  and  exotic yet  hearty , low  maintenance , and  readily  accepted  pet. We  hope  that  you  will  strongly  consider  taking  home  a 

                           " Phat Ass Gecko ".

      To over state the obvious ALL of our geckos are captive bred.

               Compete in the Frogger world cup?


         Enter for a chance to be Road-Kill !

Available Geckos    

     Smiley, hams   it up for the camera. He's not for sale, as he is to be the stud for our upcoming intelligence project, but click this link to see who is.

Our Facility

 It' s small, hot, humid,  sparsely furnished, and ideally suited for gecko habitation kind of like my first apartment but with cheaper rent and  a convenient location.                                                       

                                            Above is the Gecko Nursery,   where new hatchlings are kept until reaching a more containable size, at which point, they may be sold or moved to larger accommodations and eventually on to their respective breeder colony.
Below are some present or former inhabitants.                             


I really like the cover
photo on this book
of the little boy smiling down on his juvenile
Leopard Gecko smiling
back at him and I'd like
to state a few reasons
 why I think that Leopard Geckos make great pets for
children of all ages.

Even those pushing 40 like myself.

     Reptile Supply

Phat Ass Geckos Bookstore

Our Reviews
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Our Breeders

       Master Poe, our all but blind Raptor male, with dual eye mutations, grabs hold of Daddy's Girl, our stunning Enigma female.For a little R & R. Phat Ass Gecko Style


Our Projects

      This beautiful sunglow female we purchased from "T.U.G." ,and she is currently coupled with a large raptor male we purchased from "VMS." The hope for this group is to produce a line of raptors with unprecedented color.

We have also placed an enigma female with this group as seen above under; "Our Breeders" on the assumption that the  R.A.P.T.O.R. male's lighter tones would be less dominant than those of Fu Long and our other males.

 The results from this group thus far have been very satisfying, producing several enigmas closely resembling their mother, as well as some bright orange red eyed and red snake-eyed
Also we have had some lavender striped albino females and a Bold Stripe male emerge from the group as an added bonus.


  Two of our future 
     I have very high        expectations for the group they will be going into.

   Leos for the

    little ones

 1) Leopard Geckos have the potential to live a very long time in captivity with proper care.

 2) The care requirements
for Leopard Geckos can help to instill a sense of

 3) Leos are among the most docile and social of all captive kept reptiles.

 4) While Leopard Geckos are simple enough for a small child to care for. It is a hobby that can grow with your child and goes deep enough to challenge
advanced students with the intricacies of genetics and such.

 5) While their basic needs must be met, as a desert lizard they are hearty and forgiving so if a few days are missed it will not affect a healthy adult specimen.

 6) Leopard Geckos are an easy to handle size as adults. They are large enough to be handled yet small enough to be easily housed or transported.

7) Leopard Geckos live long enough and are unobtrusive enough to follow your little ones to college.
See 26 year old gecko on Youtube click link below

Sea Turtle Photos

Vivarium Enclosures

    Although, this photo, hardly does it justice; this is a cage I made from a convenience store display case, that I obtained free of charge. After, it was flooded, by  hurricane Katrina.  
        "It's very nice."                                              

Care and Handling

  This photo was chosen in an effort to illustrate the relative size of an adult male. The photo depicts Fu Long ( Lucky Dragon ) my first exotic morph male, ( special thanks to "Dan the Fireman").

He is About 8 3/4" long and approximately 70 grams in the photo.
Although,  Fu-Long is typical in size their are exceptions to the rule and those are known as size morphs, and include giants and super giants. Females are usually slightly smaller, but not always.     

      Left: is Jr.
      Right: Fu Long
 Jr. is one year old and  the son of Fu Long.

Note the size of Jr. 's head.

I have hopes that Jr. will reach giant proportions.


     The above photo shows a few hatchlings licking up some calcium supplement . Which they readily do on there own so long as the calcium is provided.

   Leopard geckos should    always have calcium of some sort available.

8) Leos are also a great educational tool encompassing elements of biology, ecology, zoology,
and anatomy, to name a few.

  9) I have never seen a lease with a no geckos allowed clause.

 10) While many Leopard Geckos' vivid coloration may rival those of popular
fish found in salt water aquariums, they are far more interactive, and on a whole less expensive and easier to maintain.

 11) With interest in these beautiful lizards growing across the globe and the relative ease of Leopard Gecko breeding it is a hobby with potential to become a small business for the devoted enthusiast.

 12)  Leopard Geckos
are still relatively new to the pet trade. Yet with the advances made in their selective breeding in recent years now is the perfect time to develop new morphs.

 13) In addition to being able to name a morph you create, exiting new morphs will often command high prices from other breeders for several years.

 14) If for whatever reason you find you are no longer able to care for a Leopard Gecko you have purchased they are often far easier to adopt out  than a dog or cat.

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